Feminine Healer Training

Feminine Healing, Sexuality and Embodiment 

The Course starts in May 2020 – Duration: 1 Year. 

The leading edge approach in the growing field of Feminine Healing, Empowerment and Awakening.

This course is an individual journey of weaving the learning components suitable for your path and work and following your personal inspirations. You will be able to select a variety of modules, creating a unique curriculum.

Welcome to The Women School’s comprehensive professional Feminine Healer Training.

In this programme, we deep dive into the soul and body of Feminine Healing.

This is a place that brings together ancient wisdom and modern pathways, new ways of understanding Feminine Healing processes and excavating the heritage of our great great great grandmothers. This weaving process allows us to integrate very finely tuned levels of understanding into everyday situations and circumstances.

This work will refine your skills and knowledge, radically changing the way you are in your life and work. It will literally call the soul back into everything that you do and are to allow the Feminine to reclaim her place of belonging.

At this very special time, we are all going through deep personal growth processes connected to the Feminine aspect.


How it works

You can choose to complete the individual online courses (Feminine Healing Foundations and/or Feminine Healing, Sexuality and Embodiment) or the independent Intensives (Womb Medicine and/or Sexuality and Embdoiment) depending on your areas of interest.

You can also choose to complete the fully certified professional training Feminine Healer Practitioner (Year 1 and 2 online and intensives), with the option of continuing on to Year 3.

Read more about the full Feminine Healer Training HERE.



Radical growth in yourself which flows into everything you touch.



Main Online Curriculum 2020 – Feminine Healing, Sexuality and Embodiment


Working with Feminine Healing principles in clinical practices, coaching and healing settings.

Thread 1

Feminine Rites of Passage viewpoints, clinical explorations and collective stories.

Thread 2

Sexuality, intimacy, communication and self-love.

Thread 3

Feminine Healing pathways for human sexuality.

Thread 4

Embodiment practices.

Thread 5 (optional for students who have completed Feminine Healing Foundations)

Deepening of womb healing principles with Rites of Passage viewpoints

Thread 6 (optional for students who have completed Feminine Healing Foundations)

Running your own clinic/scopes of practice in Feminine Healing


Voicing your truth

Thread 7

The Feminine Voice in society and finding your voice in your life




Thread 8

Cycles of Life – Deepening

+ Optional research module for pathology and disease in the feminine field.


Feminine Healing, Sexuality and Embodiment / Expression of interest

8 + 12 =

Jaguar Star

I am the creatrix and founder of The Women School and sole practitioner at The Women’s Clinic.

My life’s work so far has been to recover feminine wisdom, women’s knowledge and pathways of The Goddess that have been long forgotten. I am a specialist “midwife of the soul” – creating the spaces for people to birth their soul essence fully into life.

An integral part of it all is the embodiment of the uniqueness of YOUR soul, reverence to the Feminine in all of life, deep honouring of our health, our selves as part of nature, and our inherent worthiness.

I am an educator, therapist, birth professional, artist, spiritual person and change maker with a passion for the feminine awakening in our world today.


Pioneering work for women

In my pioneering work as the founder of a feminine inspirational and educational platform – The Women School, and as a Feminine Wisdom professional, I have brought together all my life experience of womanhood, feminine rites of passage, professional birth attendance and pregnancy support, the soul pathways of birth, Medicine Woman wisdom, creativity, art, dance, movement, yoga, conscious sexuality, meditation, natural health care, body & trauma therapies, holistic healing, and the mystical pathways of the feminine.

Main Optional Modules 2020

In order to complete the online certificate of completion, each student will choose at least one option out of the following three.

Thread 9

Women’s Health and Healing – “The Witches Kitchen” 

with Schirin Chams-Diba

The Witches Kitchen connects you back with the Green Medicine Woman archetype of the Feminine Healer. In this course, you dive deep into the mysteries of the Green Heart of Mother Nature who provides all the remedies needed for us to heal ourselves, our families and our communities. This course empowers you with the knowledge of herbal lore, medicine making and application. Through herbal medicine, we weave together with our imminent body wisdom and intuition in direct participation with Gaia and Mother Moon. Since times immemorial, women had the knowledge to nurture through nature. Holistically, the female physical/mental/emotional systems have a direct connection to the lunar rhythms. Feminine health care offers an overall balancing effect on the hormonal system and thus overall well-being. It’s time to reclaim this knowledge and to fulfill the matrix of holistic well-being“.

Thread 10

Pregnancy and Birth for Feminine Healers – “Birth Journeys” 

with Marisa Wright and Jaguar Star

The Rites of Passage of the fertility journey; the Rites of Passage of the first trimester; the Rites of passage of the second trimester and the Rites of passage of the third trimester.

Birth Basics, what you need to know about birth.

Personal mantras, Feminine Healer Pregnancy & Birth Toolkit; Feminine Healer Pregnancy & Birth Rituals; Creative magic.

Postnatal Rites of Passage, comprehensive understanding of the journey into motherhood and the complexities in our modern world.

Referral guidelines; Postnatal Depression awareness; professional scope of practice.

Nutrition, wellness, oils, foods, nourishment and yumminess.

Inspirations; reading recommendations; guided homework and case studies.

Thread 11

Outline of this Module coming soon

Minor Optional Modules 2019

You can choose additional material from the topics below

Thread 12

Soul-centred Business Pathways

12 threads for your journey, 12 pathways into the world of Feminine Healing


Feminine Healing, Sexuality and Embodiment / Expression of interest

14 + 13 =

In this year you will find many of our courses taught by expert guest lecturers creating diversity and abundance of wisdom and knowledge.
We have curated a selection of high-quality courses that will inspire, educate and awaken you in many ways.

Meet our Guest Teachers

Schirin Chams-Diba

Schirin Chams-Diba is a mystica, dancer, yogini, healer, and pilgrim at heart. From a young age, she has followed a distinct call to embark on a life-long journey of healing, adventure, and truth. From a long line of Persian healers and wise women, she has trained intensively in sacred dance, yoga, spiritual lineages, esoteric arts, and herbal medicine. After years of exploring the world, devoting herself to in-depth study, and shaping her own practice, she feels called to share her skills in service to the greater good. Bringing together all these riches has led her to develop her method for ‘Essence of the Feminine’

Furthermore, Schirin has worked as a full time holistic clinical care Naturopath, Herbalist and Flower Essence therapist. She holds a ‘Bachelor of Complementary Medicine’. Immersed for a decade in Natural Health, she had full-time clinical practice work from 2008-2013. One of her major fields of expertise includes ‘Feminine Reproductive Health’ for all stages of a woman’s life, especially natural fertility management plus pre- and postnatal care. She worked alongside midwives to optimize their clients’ wellbeing through holistic health care and sacred movement. Additionally, she produced a line of herbal products called ‘Medicine of the Feminine™’. 

For the past decade, Schirin has taught sacred movement medicine through feminine-aligned yoga, sacred dance traditions from the Middle East to India as a transformational and empowering experience, various esoteric traditions seen through the feminine lens, lunar rhythms and holistic lifestyle choices. Whether alone or in a circle of sisters, the practices serve the experience of connection, naturally arising wisdom, intuition, vitality, creativity, healing and joy. 

She has held workshops and retreats in New Zealand, Australia, Bali, Thailand, India, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, USA and Guatemala

Watch Schirin’s video:


Visit her website:


Check out Schirin’s work in the field of Women’s Holistic Health HERE

Marisa Wright

Marisa grew up in Montana, in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, and has always had an infinite longing and respect for wild places. After graduating with a degree in Biology and an emphasis in Psychology and Education from the University of Montana she travelled the Pacific Northwest, living in Seattle for a while, then down to Australia and New Zealand, where she met her husband. They were sea kayak guides together for a few years in Milford Sound, wilderness therapy guides in Alaska and then began their own wild journey of parenthood in 2012 with the birth of their first son.

Finding roots in Montana, their second son was born there as well in 2015. Through the transformative experience of her first birth she began her birth doula certification, which led down a path of passionate study of all things pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Marisa is a Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula through DONA International, a Certified Lactation Counselor through ALPP, a Qualified Mother Roaster through Sacred Postpartum and continues to take courses in maternal mental health, physiological birth and so on. Marisa created MotherMoon Project, a charitable trust that allows women who couldn’t otherwise afford access to holistic modalities such as osteopathy, naturopathy, doula support and pelvic floor physiotherapy. She is currently practicing as a full time doula and educator in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.

It is her passion to help educate, empower, support and nourish new mothers, their families and those who support them. She believes strongly that building healthy villages, working well with other caretakers, mothering the mother, and creating holistic opportunities are necessary for families to thrive. She recognizes that empowerment comes in all shapes and forms and supports women, deeply, with how they choose to birth and mother their own precious lights while providing a gentle and insightful spiritual aspect for those who would be interested.

Visit Marisa’s website:



If you are aiming for full certification in Feminine Healing Embodiment Practitioner, you will be required to make up a minimum number of live calls, completing a certain number of online modules and a 4-day in-person component for certification. You will need to complete Feminine Healer Foundations Online and Womb Medicine Intensive either before or after this year of training, for the Practitioner Level certification. The Foundations training opens up pathways for personal healing and transformation.  

Alternatively, you may choose to complete only the online component of this training or only the in-person intensive or both. These options are open for all women with some previous experience and/or studies in related fields.


  • Sensuality & Sexuality, Feminine Embodiment (3 days)
  • Clinical practice day (1 day)
Practicum (required for full certification):
You will need to complete case studies.
There is also a learning component of clinical practice.
  • Feminine Healing Sessions Case Studies over the year, with online supervision 
  • Pillars of Feminine Healing in Clinic practice assignments 
Certificate of completion: Feminine Healer Online Studies / Feminine Healing, Sexuality and Embodiment Intensive   
Feminine Healing Embodiment Practitioner Certification: for students who are continuing their Feminine Healer studies and have completed both FH year 1 and FH year 2, you will be certified as Feminine Healer Embodiment Practitioner.

Achievement of Feminine Healer Studies Online:

Be a creative powerhouse of Feminine Empowerment, Health and Wellbeing pathways

Achievement of Feminine Healing, Sexuality and Embodiment Intensive:

Be a trailblazer for Shakti and Feminine Power

Individualised learning pathways

Challenging you to grow beyond the status quo

Feminine Healing, Sexuality and Embodiment / Expression of interest

12 + 7 =

Life and learning pathways are multi-faceted. The Women School emerged from an ongoing quest of discovery and study, experience, and insight following diverse paths of growth and learning. 

Our individual threads of life experience, our unique gifts and interests are what makes us powerful allies for others’  journeys. 

Your uniqueness is and must be supported in a true feminine healing programme. It is with great joy and anticipation that we look forward to your personal curriculum and supporting you as a team of Women School Teachers, Lecturers, and Mentors.


This Training does not replace any form of medical or psychological education. None of the information provided in this Training makes any claims to cure any disease or mental health condition. This is an educational platform for personal and spiritual empowerment. The tools provided are resources that must be used under the supervision of a qualified health professional if any disease condition is present or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.