A precious life


18 April 2017

Life is incredibly precious. 

I contemplate the preciousness of life every day. Life is such a gift and I am immensely grateful for this life and its massive learnings.

Today I feel to share a little of my learnings about the sacredness and healing of sound in connection to nature.

It was early 2008 and I had been called to travel to Ecuador. I had no idea why, where I was going or what I would find there. I had a strong commitment to listen to my heart and the call of the wild within, as I was traveling with one-way tickets, no home to go back to and no idea what would happen next in my life. It was an intense and very uprooted time. My husband at the time had a call to complete his book and live in Finland so I would be going alone, which I was not totally happy about!

But I did, I flew to Ecuador on my own…

So I was in Ecuador, and had taken up contact with a midwife living in a small village called Vilcabamba, which is actually very famous for being a place of longevity and immortality. I didn’t have a clue about all that and arrived there with the idea of staying with this midwife that I had contacted to learn with from.

Many, many things happened in this tiny village.

Today I want to talk about Anna and C., who were two important people I met there. Two beautiful souls and talented musicians. 

They came from Nashville and had been involved in the music business there. There were many interesting tales I could tell you about all that too… but what really touched me was our time making music in nature together. I was already developing some songs and singing when we met, and they shared some of their music practices with me.

They had been travelling to places around the world that were still as pure as possible, as unpolluted as possible and without Chemtrails, to live there. Anna and C. were clued up on many things, and took great care as to where they placed their home. They had spent quite some time in Southern France and then Norway, until Chemtrails became an issue there too.

Now they were living in Vilcabamba. And so we had the privilege to meet and share some precious life time together. Time that I will always remember because it had that magical quality that soul meetings which are meant to happen tend to have. 

And they had been making music mainly for nature for the last long period of time, just being in nature, making music for nature, nothing much else. Playing healing music for nature Herself.

Their past success in the music industry had allowed for this.

Since that time I made it a ritual to sing for nature regularly and it initiated a whole new level of awareness for sound and music in my life.

Fast forward to today, and I am in New Zealand with my beloved musician man, who happens to create healing music with and for nature. He writes about Sound Ecology and creates Music of the Plants. We are both incredibly sensitive to sound… and noise.

So we are living in New Zealand, at the very edge of Auckland, in the bush (the rainforest here) and loving being in nature. And you know, its noisy. There are gardening tools that are massive machines which tend to be very noisy, the cars like to rev up a lot of engine sound and the aeroplanes seem be there when those things are not happening. not to mention the humans that like to yell and shout and use their voices harshly.

We both suffer the noise and we talk about the impact that noise has on us, as a species, as a planet and as a living organism that earth is. Its incredible how noisy our earth has become.

Where can we go, where we are not being noise polluted or actively noise polluting?

Are we aware as a species how much noise we create?

I believe that there is a whole new level of awareness to be awakened around sound, noise and the healing necessary at this time not only for our ears – but for the nature around us.

Life is so precious. Our world is so sacred.

Why do we need to create so much noise?

To be continued …

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