12 April 2017

The softness that we each carry within ourselves is sometimes buried very early in our lives.

We live in an intense world with such a wide range of possible experiences and emotions. As tiny babies, being born onto this world we are simultaneously incredibly powerful beings, filled with life, and very vulnerable.

A babies nervous system is not fully developed, and so a baby is not able to regulate its nervous system and feeling responses. Babies need to be calmed, held, nurtured and loved for optimal brain development. When this does not happen the nervous system cannot develop optimally.

The gentle and loving space that a baby actually needs in pregnancy, birth and after birth is often not fully understood and hardly protected in our modern world.

These developmental journeys affect out entire lives, the way we feel, respond to the world and are able to adapt and interact with our environment.

The guardianship of these kinds of spaces has become more and more rare, today.

We are wild, untamed, magnificent souls – and we are incredibly gentle and soft, vulnerable feeling human beings. Trauma and painful life experiences can further impact our ability to become resilient, self-assured individuals.

As souls, we each have very unique qualities that we are bringing onto this planet. We have personal life lessons, gifts, magical hidden treasures that each and every one of us has as a challenge to find, reveal and share in our own special way.

The attention to these unique gifts, the understanding that a soul and person, a human being is more than a functioning cog in the wheel of society, has become more than lost. However, during this time of tremendous upheaval and massive change within our world, our natural habitats, our climates, our comprehension of ourselves and each other, the emergence of deeper wisdom is simultaneously taking its place in our world.

This is also happening through a movement that has centred itself around what we call “the feminine”, an aspect of life that corresponds to the birthing, life-giving, nourishing force in the universe. An aspect of life that connects us to women, birth and elements of our psyche like intuition, that relates to all of us, women, men and children and that is alive in all of nature.

The guardianship of that which brings forward life was provided in ancient times by Elders, Wisdom Keepers, Medicine Men and Women, Wise Ones and at large often times by whole societies. However, birth, for example, has been systematically disturbed for thousands of years all around the world. Research shows that the disturbance of birth was often done on purpose, to create more “hardiness”, or to test the survival capacities of the baby.

It has been done in a long-standing history of violence towards women, the feminine and the vulnerable in our collective.

Violence at birth is still a huge problem, that is affecting countless human beings.

It is this background that helps us to understand that the world of the soul, the area of life that we can refer to as “the feminine”, the subtle and very fragile phases of life which we can call “Rites of Passage” and include time frames like birth, becoming a parent, death and many more, need our guardianship and honouring more than ever.

Reverence for life and the magic of life is something that we are all born with, it may just be buried deeply within the core, underneath pain and trauma in many of our human kind.

Today, we are beginning to reclaim the fragments of our selves that were somehow lost on the tumultuous journey between being born and becoming an adult. More and more human beings wish to become more present, more loving, more peaceful and simply more themselves.

And this “becoming myself” is actually a birthing process.

In that birthing process the same requirements are needed that a human physical birth entails. We need safe space, sacred space, love, peacefulness and space enough to show up in our authentic nature.

This particular space of guardianship has a feminine kind of quality. Feminine is a word that does not relate to a gender or sexuality, it’s a term that refers to a whole realm of awareness and understanding which has been diminished within all of us for a very long time. And currently, we are in the midst of experiencing a slow re-awakening of this element of our own beings, and this vital aspect of living together on this earth. The masculine, of course, has its rightful and sacred space which is equally vital and needed at this time.

Because we have lost access ways to learn about these kinds of processes, and because it has not been considered overly important by our culture, many women feel a little displaced and alone with their unique gifts and the treasures that their soul brought in for this lifetime.

You may be a woman that has been called to the guardianship of the soul, a sensitive soul that understands the processes of birth in your bones, a creative woman who wishes to be part of the emerging feminine revolution that is currently rocking our planet at all levels.

You may feel called to the world of birth in a soul centred way, or you wish to accompany women in processes of inner journey and self awareness, empowerment and self-responsibility. Perhaps you are one of the shining angels that have come to this earth to provide safe space for the children coming in now, and their new, light-filled frequencies, which are bringing a whole new consciousness onto our planet.

Your path may not be find-able in a university degree or the training pathways you have seen available so far. You path is deeply rooted within yourself.

Its possible to receive some support and to have spaces that allow you to grow in precisely these areas, though. You just need to follow your heart and your intuition and let yourself be led step by step.

If all these words strike a cord in your heart and you feel yourself as a woman who is wishing to step into professional pathways aligned with these areas of life, then you may find that the AngelBirth Training is something for you.

You can have a look here on this link -

AngelBirth is happening again in Berlin, 31.07.17 – 06.08.17 near Berlin, Germany in a 7 day Retreat for the Level 1, Practitioner certification.

And if you feel called, I look forward to speaking to you in an Online interview to see whether its a good fit!

Much Love,

Jaguar & The Women’s School

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