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A space to move how your body really wants to move.

Instinctually. Raw. Wise. True.

As humans we are born to move, but often as adults we forget to listen to our bodies.

This is a dance space for women to explore inner medicine. Through dance. Through movement. Through embodiment.

Fee: Koha / Donation, give what you can. Suggested 5 – 25€


Lilith is a very misunderstood archetype, with profound power and healing. 

In this introduction audio and the following journey, you are welcomed into a world within which Lilith stands in her full beauty and reclaiming her ancient origins, as well as cleaning up some of the mess that patriarchy has made of her story. 

Have fun discovering more about this evocative figure. 

Mp3 file 1 – 10:12 min – 24 mb | mp3 file 2 – 27:23 min – 64 mb

€ 15

Zero Points

In each of our lives there are defining moments, moments after which things have irrevocably changed. Those are what I call “Zero Points”, part of Rites of Passage inner work. If we imagine our lives like threads, weaving a sacred patterns, these Zero Points give us important information about our internal lives, our soul paths and our soul learning, as well as about our personal healing processes…

Mp3 file 1 – 44:05 min – 103 mb

€ 15

Frau Hulda

Frau Hulda is a very important ancient Germanic Goddess, predating most of the Germanic pantheon according to Marija Gimbutas. 

In these audios, we explore her ancient origins, the fairy tales and myths that emerged from her roots and how we can relate to her as an archetypal female figure for our own personal journeys. 

In the inner journey, we reclaim the ancient pathway of the Great Goddess, in the special quality that Frau Hulda holds… come and join us…

Mp3 file 1 – 17:40 min – 42mb | mp3 file 2 – 13:02 min – 30,5 mb 

€ 15

Opening to Prayer

Guided meditation with music.

If you are longing for more connection or just need a reminder of the importance of prayer this is one of the series of journeys connecting to the state of prayer through the body.

BirdTree: a collaborative project between Jaguar Star (voice) and Simone Vitale (music).

Mp3 file 1 – 12:28 min – 29 mb

€ 5

The Ancient Wisdom

A musical journey.

As we enter the realms of the ancients we are able to be in touch with that which is ancient and wise within ourselves. The ancient wisdom journey endeavours to make precisely this voyage into a personal and collective universal knowledge. Melodic soundscapes carry the voyagers on their quest.

BirdTree: a collaborative project between Jaguar Star (voice) and Simone Vitale (music).

Mp3 file 1 – 11:25 min – 27 mb

€ 5

Journey of the Three Hearts

Guided meditation with music.

The perfect relaxation journey for couples during pregnancy and parents of young children, connecting all three hearts or more, as large as your family happens to be.

BirdTree: a collaborative project between Jaguar Star (voice) and Simone Vitale (music).

Mp3 file 1 – 14:07 min – 33 mb

€ 5


Straight from the heart the green lusciousness and light of the Earth speak through this song.

The beautiful melodies lift us like birds soaring in the sky.

Beautiful meditation music. 

BirdTree: a collaborative project between Jaguar Star (voice) and Simone Vitale (music).

€ 3