The Principles of Birth & the Feminine in YOUR LIFE!


196 pages & almost 3 hours of audio journeys – A complete inner Programme for your soul.

Content of the Workbook & audio

  • The principles of the Birth Your Essence Programme
  • Step-by-step guidelines on how to immerse in your soul’s journey
  • Nutritional ideas for detox and nourishment
  • Inspirational stories
  • Personal Soul Process outlines
  • Birth Your Essence Questions
  • Personal Retreat guidelines
  • Audio recordings with all the important inner journey work
  • Meditations and music
  • Methods gleaned from years of working in the field of women, pregnancy, birth, healing & soul

198 pages of inspirational writing, the Birth Your Essence QUESTIONS and a almost 3 hour Audio! 

A workbook for women.

Principles, pathways and possibilities to bring forth your SOUL ESSENCE.

The principles of birth are ones that live within us as women all the time. They are present within us, present within our bones, our blood, our soul light.

We know about birth, really we do. It is these spiritual and physiological principles of birth that we use for the process of birthing our essence. It is the fusion and union of feminine healing & birth work. It is the awaking of our feminine soul light, now, today, in this monumentous time in human history.

The principles of birth are ones that can guide our daily lives, lead us on an authentic feminine spiritual pathway and open our awareness to the grand creatures that we are.

I have made these ideas available to you for the benefit of your journey and growth. These principles have played an important role in women’s lives for a very long time, it’s just that for various reasons many of us had forgotten.

Let’s REMEMBER. The principles of birth are the guiding principles in this workbook and the ones we will be focusing on to bring forth more of your soul light. Of course this whole thing will probably not happen only through you completing a workbook. I do however hope that this can be a window into the realms of more of your soul.

The workbook has served as a powerful tool for many women and is part of the wider offerings of The Women School.