11 April 2019

Being involved in the in-betweens of this human life, opens and cracks up my heart and soul on a daily basis.
Birth-Life-Death cycles are full, intense and raw cycles that are at times able to be communicated and expressed through poetry, music, song, touch, movement, breath, silence, relationship.

However, more than anything I feel that this life is such an immense inner pulsation which is such a massive lesson to hold and vibrate in each moment. Death, always imminent, always palpable. Truly on each exhale. On each goodnight. At each good-bye. Each step. The immensity and mystery and reality of that and the preciousness of each breath.
The depths of suffering that occur on this planet and the pain that many, if not most of us go through and experience in this human life. And our joy. And our peace. And our love.

Our earth, our home and our current reality of the global environmental crisis.

And the healing, creative weaving and hope.

All of that lives within me each day. As it does, I can only imagine, in us all.

There is a seed that placed itself in my hands some many years ago. That seed has grown into a tree, maturing.

The Women School throws shade for those that seek comfort from the heat of the sun, offers apples in seasonal cycles, birds sit and sing for those weary of heart. There is medicine here.

I am lucky and happy and blessed that such a precious seed has been placed in my hands and inner garden to grow. As The Women School grows, so do I.
Still, I have my very personal paths, my very intimate and also at times very private discoveries and mysteries which unfold sometimes in direct correlation with The Women School, and sometimes in my own sanctuary, in another space.

The weaving of the personal and transpersonal, the offering and sharing of what has been gifted to and through me, the constant balancing of what it means to create a woman-owned and feminine centred business in this world, and forming a sustainable educational platform that is about the wider collective as a whole.

The steps I take for my personal well-being and how those positively impact on my ability to be in my role in feminine leadership.

And here, in that journey there is our branch of The Women School which is FEMININE HEALING. That branch is one that pulsates in deep red and gold hues, that whispers in my night dreams, that is leading me into deeper and deeper realms as we walk the paths together.

I feel delighted and strong about the fact that this year, Feminine Healer will be available as an Intensive experience in both Berlin, one of the important HQ bases of The Women School, and Wellington, NZ, our current base.

It is wonderful to bring this work to the land that birthed me (through my wonderful Mama of course!), and I hope to offer some reciprocity and healing for the wahine here.

It is wonderful to continue offering this work in Berlin, the pulsating hub that has been one of the homes of The Women School in many ways for many years now. I love Berlin for so many things and am always happy to come back.

If you feel called to join me under the Women School tree branches, and breathe in some life together, allow some release, encounter our life-death-life cycles and follow some of the ancient grandmothers whispers together. Welcome.

It is my joy to meet you there.
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