Feminine Healer: Womb Medicine

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In a journey of inspiring learning

  • personally explore archetypal Feminine Rites of Passage and their patterns in your life
  • learn to wield your wise woman power for a healing outcome in your life
  • learn how to use ritual as an integration tool
  • understand yourself and your personal relationship with your feminine self from a totally new perspective
  • learn how to work with deep womb healing processes for personal empowerment, women’s health and feminine awakening in your profession

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Within you is a powerful, wise and magical Wise Woman.

She remembers the ancient cycles of the Feminine Archetypes, the Womb, creative process and healing integrative ritual work.

She lives in you.

Society may have tried to eradicate the Wise Woman’s spaces or she has lost relevance in our modern culture. This has come at a cost. Without wisdom, we lose the fertile earth of our soul growth. We may find ourselves in painful patterns difficult to dissolve and we engage in choices that are not sustainable, loving or empowering.

She calls to you to grow, expand and deepen the wisdom you hold inside. 

Meet her during the Feminine Healing journey…



This is a place that brings together ancient wisdom and modern pathways, leading us right to the core of Womb Healing.

In this programme, we explore the shamanic pathways of healing the womb and its many layers of wisdom. We discover how to listen to the womb and understand how to provide medicine for the wounding of the Feminine. Deep inner work which leads to powerful feminine wisdom, healing and awakening.

Keys that support women’s health care and soul awakening journeys.

The Feminine is currently a vital aspect of our global evolution, and here we remember ancient wisdom which assists us not only personally in our health journeys and inner lives, but allows us to accompany others to greater wisdom and understanding of the power of Feminine Wisdom and Healing.

Here, you have access to the powerful Women School womb mapping pathways that have been developed through over a decade of working with women and in the feminine healing field. Healing of the Womb space is of great significance because here we create future generations, here we hold feminine empowerment, creative fire and the potential for new life of all kinds.

This work is also highly relevant for all health journeys related to the female reproductive system such as menstruation, fertility, menopause, pregnancy and the many areas of women’s health vital to us today. 

This training brings together modern learning structures with age-old female wisdom.

This is what we include & cover in this Online Programme:
  • Access to The Women School online educational material consisting of videos, audios and comprehensive manuscripts.
  • Assignments to provide integrated and embodied learning
  • Facebook group
  • Fully certified by The Women School
Online materials in audio, text and video format for your self-paced and immersive educational path in The Women School online learning school.  
Module Topics:
  • Archetypal Psychology, myths, legends, Rites of Passage (Reading & writing components)
  • Archetypal imagery (Medicine Woman journeys, audio components)
  • Soul language pathways (song, music, art, ritual, movement, intuition, stillness. Art homework components)
  • Feminine Maps (case studies, diagrams – The Women School Feminine Healer specialized visual work)
  • Rites of Passage Processes/rituals (case studies, nature time homework)

Each module includes Online resources and personal practice, as well as assignments and research.


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The educational programme you will be engaging in is structured in such a way as to encompass many styles of learning. We include reading, writing, research, lots of experiential processes, self-discovery, creative and ritual pathways.
The process is shamanic at its core, which means that we develop essential elements of soul learning rather than solely focusing on knowledge acquisition.
In ancient times feminine shamanic work was transmitted from woman to woman. This modern container serves as a cauldron for feminine archetypal wisdom pathways, transmitted from woman to woman in our modern ways.

This work will refine your skills and knowledge, radically changing the way you are in your life and work. It will literally call the soul back into everything that you do and are to allow the Feminine to reclaim her place of belonging.

For women particularly, and people who have wombs, female anatomy and physiology, this process of healing is of particular relevance.  Beyond our physiology, our souls are currently calling for deeper understanding, the earth herself is shaking us all awake. Our journeys may lead us to greater levels of health and wellbeing, as well as a much more holistic understanding of our inner power and self. 

This work is particularly potent if you are working with women in your professional field.

Pioneering new feminine professional pathways to bring recognition and accreditation of these ways of working back into our world

Founder of The Women School & Lead teacher of the Feminine Healer Training programmes – Jaguar Star

In this programme, you will have the opportunity to develop yourself in absolutely radical new ways, as well as creating powerful professional gateways in the field of feminine healing – a path of empowerment, awakening, and women’s health.

This special area of work has been created to allow for a highly integrated way of working with women in particular and for feminine healing and empowerment in general. My life has shown me that this work is deeply needed at this time, and I am privileged to have been given many opportunities for growth and learning in this area of work and personal experience.  It is with great reverence for all that this work means that I offer you the baskets of knowledge which have been given to me to share with the wider community worldwide.

To read more about my personal biography and professional training, click here.

“In the Womb Medicine Online Programme, we dive deeply into the soul and body of what it means to live in a female body as a woman in our time.

I am more than grateful for the depth of the work, amazed of how easily Jaguar manages to create safe and holy space in an online framework and how healing and enlightening this work is – for myself and for my clients.

We could apply what we learnt instantly and explore the fields deeply and lovingly held by Jaguar’s guidance. We explored the fields of Archetypal and Rite of Passage work; the possibilities of spiritual journeying in the areas of body mapping; transformation work (e.g. pain into medicine).

We dived into the miraculous work of the female organs and the female cycle and developed a beautiful path for us to go on healing quest for ourselves and to find our own way of practicing with this gorgeous work in accordance with our unique soul’s way of being of help to other women.

I recommend this work with all my heart.”

Sian Petra Lang


“Working with Jaguar in the realm of Feminine Healing has prepared me to support pregnant and birthing women as well as new mothers with a deeper sense of understanding of their emotions and needs.

Jaguar’s teachings have given me the ability to provide care with a heightened awareness and sensitivity for women’s vulnerabilities, possible past traumas, and challenges they face within modern society’s paradigm.

My training at the German Birth Association prepared me to support women’s emotional and physical needs before, during and after birth but Jaguar’s Feminine Healing Foundations (which included ritual building, understanding archetypes, creation of ceremonies, recognition of creative processes/cycles of decay and regeneration, facilitating journeys to the soul, aspects of women’s physical health, and understanding the language of the soul through artwork and movement) was absolutely essential for me to become a  woman’s holistic care provider.
Supporting women by providing a safe space for them to dive deeper into their souls’ needs, strengthening the communication with their inner voice and empowering them to make their own choices and find their own solutions has been made possible with Jaguar’s knowledge and teachings.
Thank You Jaguar!”
Laurie Reinke


This Training does not replace any form of medical or psychological education. None of the information provided in this Training makes any claims to cure any disease or mental health condition. This is an educational platform for personal and spiritual empowerment. The tools provided are resources that must be used under the supervision of a qualified health professional if any disease condition is present or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Are you interested in the Womb Medicine Online? Sign up for the waitlist here.