Feminine Healer Training

Medicine for the Earth 

Starting in 2021

In the Feminine Healer Training Year 3, we walk the path of truly understanding our own sacred medicine, initiating the gift of accompanying others to bring sacred medicine to their own pain, and ultimately – to our earth.

We claim the realms of divine ecstasy, joy and awakening, cultivating the spaces that allow our spirit to soar. Part of our inner work is to begin fully integrating our feminine and masculine aspects to become a coherent whole. Our soul is androgynous in nature – fully aligned with life itself. 

Our unique soul purpose leads our personal expression of this special work, in full collaboration with nature. 

Through true Feminine Healing we finally become powerful medicine for the earth herself at this pivotal time, growing our capacities to be vessels for the Sacred.

We honour the paths of the Feminine Wisdom Keepers, and bring our inner wisdom back to life. 

Both the Masculine and Feminine principles are equally informing our learning and growth, as we engage in deep personal shadow work and shadow integration, bringing forth alchemical gold. 


Be a trailblazer for the Divine and stand for the Sacred


Year 3 Training includes the following:


  • The Creative Life – Rites of Passage, expressive and healing art, creative you, the creative process and feminine healing
  • Joy – One of the most vulnerable states of being human 
  • Pain – a deep, personal process module
  • Sacred Wound, Sacred Medicine – Discovering core empowerment
  • Total Wilderness – Reclaiming the untamed Essence
  • Ecstatic Awakening – Realising your powerful potential as a human alive today
  • Feminine Embodiment – Advanced level training
  • Masculine Embodiment – Advanced level training 
  • Intimacy – Navigating boundaries, relationship with self and others and spiritual experiences
  • Lessons from The Great Mother – In-depth work and personal awakening
  • For the Sacred, For the Earth – Being true medicine for the earth 
  • Embody your Divine Truth – The courage to be a trail blazer for the Divine 
  • Ritual & Initiation – Feminine Healer Completion weekend in Retreat


Optional – further online modules can be added as needed to complete your educational needs.

  • Pregnancy and Birth Online optional add-on (introduction to SoulBirth Doula work) if you wish to focus on the birth field and bring deeper knowledge and understanding of this field to your work.
  • Specialised Feminine Healing for men 
  • Resurrecting the Sacred in relationships of all kinds 

A mandatory component of Year 3:

Personal Mentorship for completing the Training, Case studies and homework.

In person component Year 3:

Feminine Healer Completion Retreat followed by an Online integration (locations vary)


The online component of Year 3:

  • Approx. 10 hours online live calls throughout the year that supports personal Feminine Embodiment practices, case study mentorship, group process, Q & A.
  • Year 3 Online Modules.
This component will be available to read in due time. 

Full completion certificate: Feminine Healer – 3-year programme 

Achievement of Year 3:

Being Sacred Medicine for the Earth.

This is a powerful year of deep personal initiation through nature, life herself and your own soul.


The Training process of Feminine Healer begins by being centred around fundamental personal and feminine empowerment, self knowledge, accessing inner wisdom and developing the capacity to skilfully use the inherent power of natural self healing. Education around many areas of Women’s Health, Feminine Pathways and creative resources.

You discover a wide spectrum of tools and information, to educate and inspire others from a place of awakened soul.

The abundance that lies within us and the wisdom of nature herself are Teachers which we honour and give the necessary space to truly learn from and integrate in our lives.

One aspect of true Feminine Healing and Awakening is claiming self responsibility and reclaiming our own inner healing potentials. So our Training is one of deep self empowerment and learning how to create spaces for the empowerment of others.

It is finally our interdependence with the earth, our very intimate love relationship with life and our ability to honour the sacred on this planet and beyond that inspires awakening for soul, body and mind in this Training.

We bridge the Stars and the Earth. 

Through true Feminine Healing we finally become powerful medicine for the earth herself at this pivotal time. 

We embody the sacred feminine AND the sacred masculine. 

We become Divine Vessels for the Sacred. 

We reawaken the paths of the Feminine Wisdom Keepers and BECOME medicine for the earth. 

Be medicine for the Earth.


This Training does not replace any form of medical or psychological education. None of the information provided in this Training makes any claims to cure any disease or mental health condition. This is an educational platform for personal and spiritual empowerment. The tools provided are resources that must be used under the supervision of a qualified health professional if any disease condition is present or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.