Healing Waters

2 August 2019

I have arrived at one of my current most loved spots on the planet, a special place at Lake Constance. It is now our second year of being here.

There is a special energy here.

As with any place on earth, the land and the people, the creatures and plants have created a unique atmosphere and quality that has its own soul.

The soul of the land here to me is so soft, nourishing and regenerative. Softness is one of the qualities I deeply honour and cherish, a quality so often lost and disregarded in our modern world.

It’s soft here.

In my experience, the lack of softness in our modern lives and world has led to a wide spread occurrence of feminine health issues, specifically also womb related health issues. The ability to be soft with ourselves and our bodies can nourish a feminine flame which has been equally forgotten

Fire is so frequently associated with the fierce force of burning passion – however, fire is much more multi facetted than that. Just as there is the soft power of water within the masculine, there is the warming heat of fire within the feminine.

When our fire goes out, we may experience depletion, depression, constant underlying sadness or over sensitivity to our environments. Too much water without the balance of our fire and our feminine yang, can lead to imbalances too.

However, many women today have lived life burning by a false flame that is burning our nerves, burning our bodies and depleting our soul. We are literally as humans, “burning out”. We have forgotten how to wield the nourishing flame of our inner fire, as well as how to cleanse and keep our inner waters healthy and pure. We can see this excessive burning showing up in our natural environments too. The raging fires consuming vast areas of natural habitat.

Our wombs need space to be utterly soft. To heal. To regenerate and to remember our feminine fire, a fire that is nourishing, creative, healing and transformative. Both the elements fire and water play a huge role in our womb space and relate to many aspects of womb wisdom.

Womb work actually connects to so much in our lives. When we touch into the wisdom of our wombs we begin to understand the balance of water and fire in our lives. And start to see where we need more watery softness, and where we require more nourishing heat.

As much as womb healing work is effective for the balancing of numerous feminine health-related issues such as endometriosis, dysmenorrhea (painful periods), infertility, PMS or amenorrhea (absence of menstruation), it actually allows us to integrate a much deeper understanding of ourselves and how we are living our lives, finding more vitality, creativity and zest in all areas of our lives.

Trauma in our womb areas can create trauma with many other areas of our lives. As a collective, we have experienced much feminine trauma – and so much of that is held in our womb spaces. It is time to heal.

If you feel called to bring womb healing into your and other women’s life at this special time of feminine power reclamation, then our Womb Medicine Intensive is the perfect place to gather and learn.

Take part in igniting positive change in society that currently does not fully honour feminine principles and bring professional healing pathways for pioneering women’s health into today’s world.

This work is designed to lead women into a deep understanding of feminine processes in themselves – a path of empowerment, awakening, and accessible women’s health resources.

We investigate the emotional and psychological landscapes held within the womb, as well as discovering trauma-sensitive body awareness pathways that create space for personal self-healing.

Womb Medicine by The Women School 
Berlin Intensive 9 – 12 September 2019

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