In an Ancient Voice


22 August 2019

I know that we live in a time in which incredible growth, crisis and change challenge each of us every day.

This is a time in which the people that still remember the sacred paths of the Earth are standing up – standing up for nature. For we are nature. This is no small task that our times are asking of us.

Deep engagement, creativity and new ways of doing almost everything are required.

My blood pulsates in an ancient voice.

I literally hear the song of the soul: of people, places, plants – of the earth.

This song is both medicine and awakener, reminder and opener at once.

I remember the roots my womb has both in the womb of the earth and the womb of the cosmos.

It is this connection that I believe to be so sacred, as humans, as women, we are a pulsating thread of aliveness – part of the everything.

It is this deeper connection and aliveness that interests me. Inspires me.

The places of softness in life. It provides purpose and meaning in a world that sometimes feels square, mechanic and cold.

From an early age, I looked at my square-shaped room and wondered: Why is it all square? Why can’t it be round? Lines without spirals, boxes without circles.

Let us draw the circles back into our lives.

Spirals have hidden within them some pretty beautiful, really essential truths. Discovering the mystery in myself, my own body and my own life is immensely powerful to me.

It is what I love sharing with others – gateways to wisdom we hold within, but that have become elusive.

“Why look inside with closed eyes if we can see images made with high tech equipment?” – Aks the modern world.

“Who dares to enter the darkness of the womb?” say we who remember.

For she shines like a starry night sky, it is in the womb that oh so much magic lies.

It angers me that what is natural, intuitive humanness – feminine wisdom we hold in our heart, bodies and souls that has been diminished by the rational intellect. Hurting not only us; others and humanity as a whole, but our natural world and our planet.

We are reaching a limit to our madness of disconnection from and disregard for nature.

Of our own selves as part of nature.

I truly believe that reclaiming our inherent goodness in our bodies is part of this shift happening at this time.

The Women School is an educational platform and professional training place for women ready to bring these ancient female wisdom paths back into our world. As medicine to ourselves and others.

To respect life again: the aliveness of our wombs – the birth of human life on this planet, of our hearts, of our souls, our bodies, our environment – which we are part of.

To honour life in such a way that we birth new consciousness onto the planet.

As women, we are capable of doing this. We can actually give birth to love.

9 – 12 SEPTEMBER 2019 
Professional training by The Women School with Jaguar Star

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