In Matriarchal societies


2 September 2020

Again and again it happens, and has happened for many years now, that I read various people posting about the “Patriarchy” and the “Matriarchy”, mostly assuming that under a “Matriarchy” women would be suppressing men in some way or it would mean that women are wielding the supposed power.

I have found these articles, posts and discussions so tedious over time.

I often wonder whether anyone out there has done any relevant historical, archeological or scientific research before writing these blatant statements and creating yet again a mass of confusion and also conflict in our already divided world. Because there is evidence that tells us about what the ancient matrilineal societies may have looked like.

The fact is; that humans are more than capable of living in peace together it seems. There are peoples and there have been peoples apparently where this has been the case. By assuming that “matriarchy” would mean the same as the oppressive systems of the “patriarchy” is interesting. It is as if many of us can not imagine systems which are not based on domination, power and control over.

My studies and research, over many years now, shows something else.

That the ancient societies based on Matriarchies were partnership models within which women and men were equals. And that they existed.

I would like to invite us as a whole to relook at the assumptions we are making. That humans have never known before how to live in peace. That never before has there ever been a time of peace in healthy and functioning social systems. In equilibrium.

What if there has been?

What if humans have done it before?

How come there is this great assumption that a Goddess honouring culture would therefore mean men are diminished or oppressed? Because we have not come to experience anything better under the patriarchy for thousands of years?

Who gave birth to men? To us all?! Why not honour the Goddess, the principle we were all born under!?

Why are feminine centred ideas and practices still belittled and not taken seriously?

Because they hold great power to change.

I actually feel that the partnership models we are looking for so much require a resurgence of the feminine wisdom, feminine leadership and feminine consciousness in ALL OF US.

That remembering the Feminine principles that have been ancient pathways across our world, of living peacefully here on earth, need to be remembered and reestablished.

That this reintegration of the Feminine is exactly what leads to partnership and equality between us.

This is why I believe there is a resurgence of these pathways coming forward, men, women and many people discovering the Call within to bring forward Feminine centred, Feminine honouring and Feminine Wisdom approaches – because we need this medicine now.

In all my years of dedication to the Feminine; so many – especially men, but also many women have felt threatened, or unsure of the big focus I was placing on the Feminine, on the empowerment, healing and wellbeing of women. On feminine centred and women’s matters.

Why would I do that? Was I not excluding men?

No. In fact, I have often also worked with men. With fathers to be. With men wishing to heal birth trauma. With men wishing to integrate their feminine. With men in various phases of their lives. With men in groups. I have also spent lots of time wth men and – to me it’s not about “men” or “women” at a personal level.

But I have focused my work on working with women. That has been my call. My “job”. My work. Everyone focuses on something. And to me, that is what felt like of pivotal importance – my soul’s job here on earth.

You know what effects us all?


We have all been born.

Who by?

Women. People with wombs.

Do you know which singular environment has the biggest effect on all of us, our general longterm health and wellbeing?

The womb.

Do you know which event has the singular most long term and powerful effect on all our lives, our health, our psychology?


Why do women matter? Why does birth matter?

It matters for us all.

In Matriarchal societies women and birth are protected and honoured. You only need to study a little about the last thousands of years of human history to learn what Patriarchy has done with our women, birth and feminine centred pathways.

It’s time to come home.

For all of us.

Matriarchy just for your information – it is not an oppressor model as Patriarchy has been. Matriarchy WAS a partnership model.

Let’s know our words before we use them.

We may be ready for a whole new kind of system. But who knows – maybe having that ancient foundation in our bones as humans, of peaceful times can give us a bit of a jump start?

Let’s not forget that most of history taught in regular schooling and education has been hugely edited to conform to our current systems needs and to create certain imprinting. We have not been taught about all these ancient civilisations that have existed beyond terror, violence, force and control.

We need to welcome back the Feminine in all her power.

It is time to remember the way of the Goddess.

p.s When I was 14 I had the privilege of visiting the place where the Venus of Willendorf was found. The teacher at the time said: “Someone here will remember this moment, because it will be significant for them. We are at a very important site.” I knew in that moment that this little figurine was of some relevance to me and my path. Years later I found out why…

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