It’s not a Hoover, it’s a Stargate!


20 February 2017

Okay, so life can get pretty crazy sometimes. 

Whilst in the very middle of following up on my dreams and doing what it takes to create and be creative in the world, things are consistently not going to plan. And … why should they be? It is apparently the year of Kali, after all.

It’s not just that. Suddenly, my beloved and I are confronted with having to – truly being forced to – invest in a high level, very extravagant HOOVER – of all things. Not exactly the first thing on our list of amazingly high-quality products or wonderful experiences that we had in mind – or on our plan, to be exact.

We did bump into this very sweet, simple and welcoming cottage that spoke to our hearts and kind of invited us to stay. Telepathically, of sorts. In any case we only had a week left to decide and it was really jumping up and down and giving us good vibes, so we said YES. And took it on as our home, out rental and our next project.

We did not know it, but this little house was to pose us with quite a number of very annoying difficulties, starting with some kind of dust, or carpet related issues, which meant that I was not even sure if I could spend a night there, because once we had ALL OUR THINGS IN THERE, I suddenly could not breathe. Hmm.

And of course the place had previously housed a dog, so we found when it got warm, and Auckland is a humid place, it smelled of dog. Oh, and then we noticed the fleas.

Okay – so its all these things that accumulated to us deciding that to keep the flush pile carpet clean (I have never in my life lived in a place with this kind of carpet. I do prefer wooden boards, now we have this), apparently one needs a proper hoover.

So we went to a hoover shop, and the woman there knew a lot more about hoovers, dog smelling carpets, fleas in carpets and more, than we did.

Why am I telling you this whole story about carpets, hoovers and fleas?

We have moved continents recently, and this is a challenge in itself, it takes courage, resilience and planning, as well as a more than ordinary amount of faith. Trust.

Then life comes along and presents us with all kinds of things that we did not think about, but are designed in a way to shift us to another level of understanding and growth. In our case its this Hoover. The Hoover is placing us into a whole new position of engaging with a reality we had thus far not been aware of.

We take on a home which needs a very different care and attention than what we normally  have been living in. I must say low maintenance and simple living also have a lot going for them! And I love wooden floor boards (did I already mention this?)

But we are approaching a Stargate. We have entered a whole new reality. Its a reality that means accepting even more of the world as it is, and not necessarily as we demand it to be. It is this constant challenge and adventure of daily life, which it really truly is.

The small adventure of the daily life takes us into areas of reality that we were previously blind to – like German bureaucracy whilst living in Berlin, like the mass of insects that are invading our living room currently from the bush next to us, like chaining your luggage to your body in Indian trains or how to cure an infected toe.

What if all these daily challenges grow us into the human beings that life is asking us to be – like a rock in the stormy waves, we can be in it, and yet stay present and encounter the storm, as it is. The Stargates that we come to meet in our lives are not always blazing with bright lights, ethereal music and magical aromas … mostly we would not notice them if we were not paying attention. It is in the constant small actions and creations that our life happens – our life is usually made up of lots of little things, and just some big things.

Paying attention I know that our new Hoover is the beckoning of something new, another level of care taking and engaging with life – allowing myself to be in the world even more, and yet realising ever more deeply that it is all simply a chance to grow, learn, be present and live the adventure as it presents itself.

Every day has been an ongoing adventure for as long as I can remember, and its sometimes just so intense … but life is like that, isn’t it, when we allow it to swallow us, the rawness is the beauty that births us fresh again and again, breathing life into us and teaching us the lessons we least thought we needed to learn.

The wonder and irritation of this small daily events are what can wake us up to the full spectrum of who we are and how much we are willing to be present and engage with what life is – now, and what life is actually showing is now.

We are constantly shifting realities and worlds, each and every day. One moment we are fully alive in our sexual juiciness, the next we are in focus mode planning the day, tired, then excited, annoyed then aware, buying a Hoover, praying to the Divine. It is all this movement and change that life is.

That is also what a Stargate is, isn’t it – accessing different realities by just stepping through that vortex – and already you are there. We are time travellers in motion.

It is our creative fire, our inner sturdiness, our ability to cultivate our flames and continue finding creative solutions to the riddles and tumblings of life that grows us into powerful land masses of natural magnificence.

Since we are nature, and we belong to nature, when we learn to harness those natural forces within us, we learn that within us lie creative answers to many of life’s curious questions – how will you master this Stargate world, today?

What was your last Stargate?

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