My name is Mirjam. I am 38 years old and I have mixed roots from Greece, Germany, Mongolia and Romania.

I am a graduate social worker, actress, theater pedagogue, lecturer and facilitator of the Womencircles in Neukölln, currently training as a body psychotherapist. I have been dealing with the psyche and the human body for more than 10 years and gained a lot of self-awareness in this area. But I guess this is a never-ending process.

Among other things in the areas: Psychoanalysis, neo-Reichan bodywork, bioenergetics after Alexander Lowen, various dynamic and silent meditation techniques, shadow work after C.G. Young, shamanic rituals, Taoist practices and exercises, healing ministry and various yoga practices.

Since a long time, I wanted to create a gathering for women, where they can feel save and female healing can happen. And so magical was that then I met Jaguar in the womenschool in Berlin.For one year I have been in the program of Sacred Rose and in charge of the Womencircle in Neukölln every month, where I experienced female healing work. I was guided through this process by Jaguar, which was a wonderful and magical journey for me and brought me more to my real self.

Since January 2018 I am studying energetic body psychotherapy at the Institute for Relationship Dynamics in Berlin. Since this new year 2018 I am Offering my own women circles and offers breathing workshops for women. Single healing session can be also booked. I simply love to work with women I and I enjoy their spirit.

Mirjam Wagner