10 April 2017

Oh nourishment!

It stays one of the most pivotal topics and foundational aspects of the feminine journey.

Nourishment is truly a path in itself, with layers and layers to be discovered every day, every new cycle of our lives, as women, and as human beings.

In today’s world the topic of nourishment is frequently mistaken for learning about nutrition and foods (which is a part of it, for sure) or not given much attention at all. In fact, many of the aspects of nourishment that are considered vital on the feminine pathway have been dismissed and viewed in a somewhat negative light throughout our modern structures.

Working hard without truly taking care of our needs, superseding limitations, with no regards for consequences and taking care of others needs before our own have been celebrated as aspects of success in the western world.

How many women grew up seeing their mothers doing all the housework, juggling the children, possibly also a job and still making time for the needs of friends and family before ever taking care of her own nourishment and regeneration?

How many men grew up with no understanding on how to access their deeper feelings, how to allow themselves to cry, how to share the load of income earning or financial struggles because they saw their fathers not communicating, doing it alone, making it alone and being „tough“ ?

These are real stereotypes, that luckily many people do not fall into, however, they do ring true in some way for many others, and many of us grew up with some programming around doing, achieving, knuckling down and shutting up – without regarding how this actually feels for our bodies, minds and souls.

What consequences does this have?

Nourishment is a pivotal part of nature, of the natural way of life. All things live in a constant flow of nourishment and support. I grew up being taught the Darwinian perspectives of „survival of the fittest“ in nature, which I feel has coloured our western world exponentially. This in fact, is not really true, at the very least not in many cases.

Take trees for example. I had been told that all plants are fighting to get the most light, the most water, the best soil … a constant striving and struggling for survival.

The current research tells us something quite different. That trees communicate with each other, form friendships and take care of each other. Trees and plants often live in inter relationship – growing in the shade of one another, benefiting from each others unique growth patterns. Trees have underground root networks that stay alive even when the tree has been cut down, many times keeping a tree stump alive.

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Is this truly a picture of “survival of the fittest”?

In the same way, human beings have within them an innate potential to support each other and collaborate. To me this is part of what this whole feminine awakening is about, for all of us. We all have „feminine“ and „masculine“ principles within us. These are not gender definitions that I am talking about. They are forces in nature that play and dance together in this creative natural universe.

The feminine principles that give birth and nurture life live within us all.

It is these principles that we do need in our lives to grow, thrive and become the people we were born to become. Shining souls that have come for a special purpose, a unique purpose that is ours to fulfill. That may be learning to love deeply, or learning to forgive. It may be to become an educator or assist communities in distress. It may be to make really amazing art. Or understand the process of death at a spiritual level.

There are so many unique lessons that we have all come here to learn, and they cannot all fit into our current western definitions of what success means. A standard that is driving many people into depression, despair and burn out. A model that is making people sick. And a model that does not currently honour the feminine flows.

Last year whilst visiting a wonderful woman in San Francisco, California (Christine Mason), I was taught by her that when stress hormones are produced in human beings, this also produces and elicits more testosterone production, as small amounts of testosterone are also excreted by the adrenal glands. Testosterone is produced both in males and females, however, it is a primary male sexual hormone.

We had a conversation about this, and Christine explained to me that whilst for men, the type of stress that creates heightened adrenalin actually – to an extent of course – can support them in their natural empowerment, for women this creates imbalances at all sorts of other levels, and is not naturally as sustainable as by men. What she was talking about is that women need a more oxytocin centred daily rhythm (oxytocin is the hormone of love, bonding, birth and sexuality), which is a rhythm that is more centred on flow, periods of rest, relaxation and pleasure.

We can argue that men too need these types of environments! Of course they do ????

However, the current systems oftentimes create such adrenalin rises in all our bodies are a little more geared towards a male approach, a masculine approach. And, if we consider that we all require a balance of both within us, obviously the feminine pathways are also missing for the men. This new puzzle piece of information fits very directly into all my experience and studies around feminine cycles, pregnancy, birth and how our feminine health systems come in balance.

This is all connected to the topic of nourishment because most of us did not learn to navigate life, our world, and our daily routines through a more feminine centred lens. We feel that relaxing is something you do when all the „hard work“ is done. When you have „earned it“ – for many, many of us. Having worked with women, couples and families now for well over a decade, I am aware that this „illness“ is quite widespread, throughout many cultures, countries, social demographics and age groups.

I feel that coming back to an understanding that nourishment is pivotal, required and a general maintenance schedule for us all, is a deep need of our times.

In fact, at least for the women that I am engaged with on a daily basis, my clients, students and friends, and myself creating from a place of relaxation and pleasure is vastly more effective and sustainable than any other pathway.

Re-learning how to access these pathways of nourishment to me is a next step in the healing of this warped world, within which humankind is at a turning point in our known history. For all of us embracing a whole new way of being in our lives I feel can bring great changes and infuse love into all that we do.

For, if we are not nourished, how can we be capable of nourishing another?

How could you generate a more gentle, spiral form rhythm in your daily life, that allows for regular, rest, creative phases and deep introspection?

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