Our womb secrets

 14 August 2019

Our wombs are hidden. It is only during the special period of pregnancy that we sometimes wish for a glimpse inside the hidden space of our wombs, to see an image of our growing baby, or during times of illness and disease, when specific procedures require internal imagery of our womb spaces.

Other than for reproduction, and because we bleed, many women do not pay a great deal of attention to the womb. Until it starts to hurt. Or doesn’t function as we would like to. Or when we realise that something deeper must be connected to a place that can actually create, sustain and nourish new life.

Pain is so often a driving force for us humans to start looking deeper at our lives and our behaviours. That is true at a more personal and also at a very collective level. Pain wakes us up.

Currently, countless women around the globe suffer from feminine health issues that directly affect their everyday lives and their ability to live a life of dignity. Many of these women also experience a lack of access to basic feminine health resources.

Often, women experience the womb not as a source of power and potential, but as a source of pain, suffering and limitation to their ability to function in our modern society.

Does our modern society honour the womb?

That is a big question with many answers.

It leads us down the roads of feminism and women’s rights. Which are still very important topics in todays world. The simple reason that women have periods and can bear children still often places women in a position of having less opportunities, less pay and less social respect and standing. Luckily these things are slowly changing. But many women today still take painkillers to be able to go to work on their periods, and fear losing their jobs if they stayed at home during the first day or two of their menstrual time. Which is what our bodies often crave and scream for.

Female physiology doesn’t seem functional for today’s working world – so eggs are frozen, wombs are removed and pills are prescribed to make us more convenient. Because convenience sells and it makes more money for somebody out there.

Those are the stumbling blocks that many women face when first beginning to reclaim their womb space and understanding what womb care and feminine health actually means.

We have been ignoring our bodies for so long, that feminine health symptoms have become rampant. 

Endometriosis, PMS, dysmenorrhea (painful periods), infertility or amenorrhea (absence of menstruation), depression, chronic pain and burn out, to name only a few.

Its just that the one place no-one seems to be looking is inside.

Our wombs.

The place that we may scan when pregnant and complain about when on our period, but a place that few have been shown can be a source of deep power, wisdom and nourishment. It is time to remember the ancient female wisdom, that has been taught in circles of women around the world and has become all but lost in this modern time of crisis, depletion, destruction and trauma.

For when women listen to their bodies, their wombs and their intuition something powerful awakens. And it looks like that something has been overshadowed, buried, forcefully silenced and violently pushed aside.

I have seen incredible healing, empowerment, growth and change happen for women that have taken a path of healing their wombs and feminine lineage, their feminine self.

I truly believe that creating medicine for our wombs, by looking inside and understanding our feminine cycles, womb spaces and ancestral trauma stories, is an absolutely powerful way of creating fundamental change in our lives.

The womb does not create life and the physiology of your menstrual cycles does not flow in rhythm with your life without reason.

Our wombs are treasure chests of personal, unique knowledge, healing and medicine.

Rest assured, walking this path is not only a personal path of healing, but an evolutionary shift for our societies. For honouring your womb and your womb cycles will surely initiate change at many levels of your life and in your interactions with others. It may also create revolutionary disruption to outdated systems that are causing so much pain and suffering for so many.

In The Women School, I have developed the Womb Medicine Intensive and the Feminine Healer Foundational training pathways in order to create appropriate space for something of such significance and meaning as the place from which we are all born.

If you feel called to more deeply understand your own self, bring healing to your own body and share these treasures with others, you are warmly invited to our 2019 Berlin Womb Medicine Intensive.

It is time to talk about the womb, about menstruation, about menopause and about the collective power we hold. It is time for us to rise and bring the healing we need, to ourselves.

9 – 12 SEPTEMBER 2019 
Professional training by The Women School with Jaguar Star

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