Shadow and Light

6 August 2019

My path has certainly been formed by both shadow and light. I do not see the shadow or the “dark” as an issue to resolve, or a problem to fix, nor as a bad thing best to avoid.

In fact, both the terms shadow and light, as well as dark and light mean so many different things for so many different people that I am sure much miscommunication occurs simply because we use those terms very differently, based on personal beliefs, experiences, life paths and cultural contexts.

Very simply, in basic terms, to me, the shadow is an aspect of ourselves that we have remained unconscious about and that has become warped in our consciousness because of that unconsciousness. It’s been wounded, forgotten, neglected, dismissed, banished, judged and many more facets of what we do as humans with the elements inside ourselves and outside ourselves that we may find uncomfortable, traumatic, overwhelming, confusing, painful and so on. It is aspects of our very own life force that have become our shadow/s.

That happens, as far as I can see personally and collectively.

Then darkness in my world is a facet of life, like the night, the dark of the moon or a black panther. In fact, the Great Mother is often associated with darkness, the dark void of beginnings and ends. It is voids that as humans we often like to avoid. They make us nervous, so often – we keep busy.

Black has been associated with something the opposite to white, dark the opposite to light. Yet are they not both parts of a full spectrum of our life?

Many elements of feminine wisdom dive into the dark spaces, underground and in contact with the Goddess – the Great Mother. In many traditions the Great Goddess is also associated with the colour black.

We need our white light just as much as we need the dark night light.

Without denying that there certainly are very dark facets of life in the most negative and difficult sense – I’d like to speak to my sense that the shadow and the light inform us equally and are both vital for embodied growth as humans.

For me, the shamanic path that has accompanied my whole life, has been a great teacher and source of growth in this area of life. Learning to embrace the experiences of shadow and light, of dark and light, of black and white… and all the facets in between, for there are many grey tones, aren’t there.

In the shamanic world, as I have grown to understand, live and know it, our shadows are equally useful for our growth and soul maturation as is our light. The dark side of life needs to be equally addressed and understood, to transform and expand.

In the end, much like this beautiful rainbow, when two elements meet, something beautiful can be born.

Today I met with a dear friend at the lake on our Sunday afternoon and we spoke about the power of walking that path of working out the shadows and embracing the “dark” aspects of ourselves and life, as well as deeply remembering the love in life, trust in life and the light aspect of our experiences.

And the various facets of love, the various colours of light on the spectrum are limitless, including black, like the Black Goddess of ancient times brings her powerful unconditional love.

I feel that we each are born of the dark and the light and there lies great power in deeply understanding ourselves in our full spectrum. It is this understanding that I find so valuable in our Womb Medicine work.

For in our womb areas, as women, many of us carry great trauma and pain – often this has been passed down through generations of women. Today we are living in a time, in which many women are seeking to heal these ancient feminine wounds and generational trauma.

Trauma in the womb area effects every new baby born through the lineage. That is why womb healing is potentially so powerful – it can heal generations of women, as well as bring healing to our societies at large.

However, in these times sometimes we see all the darkness, wounding, shadow and pain. And we forget the power and strength and inner medicine.

That is what we claim and discover in our womb medicine work – that we carry a vast treasure of medicine, beauty and creative power – as well as endless nourishing love.

For a womb can create life – is that not a miracle?

Let’s remember our medicine and our power.

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