Feminine Healer: Womb Medicine Intensive

Live Online Calls Intensive Training

 Live in person option available: 22nd-25th October Quellhof im Allgäu, Germany

Womb Medicine

Explore and discover your own womb medicine!

Learn how to integrate Womb Medicine into your life. 

We currently offer the Intensive in New Zealand as an online live calls option via Zoom. 

Our Womb Medicine Online Intensive is the perfect place to gather and grow.

The Intensive encompasses practical, hands-on learning of womb healing pathways developed by The Women School.

It can serve as a completion or a starting point for our Womb Medicine Online Modules, which take you on a one year journey of integrative learning and is part of completing the full Womb Medicine certification. 

This work is designed to lead women into a deep understanding of feminine processes in themselves – a path of empowerment, awakening, and accessible women’s health resources.

We investigate the emotional and psychological landscapes held within the womb, as well as discovering trauma-sensitive body awareness pathways that create space for personal self-healing.

The training is for women who wish to integrate feminine centred wisdom and womb healing pathways into their personal lives or professional field, as well as for women who desire a new professional direction centred around the feminine to create change for women in our world.  

  • Experience the benefits of womb health and feminine centred wisdom.
  • Embark on a  journey of personal healing and embodying your own feminine power.
  • Bring healing to your own female lineage and resolve ancestral patterns.
  • Develop work that you love and learn how to bring powerful healing pathways to others.
  • Learn how to bring healing to pain and experience deeper vitality.
  • Walk the nourishing path of feminine healing.
  • An opportunity to create clarity to gain purpose and meaning in your life.
  • Professional growth and a new modality that will enhance your work in the feminine field.
  • Integrate powerful healing pathways into your current healthcare, coaching, midwifery, doula, psychology, bodywork, sexological or other health and empowerment related practice.
  • Create the foundation for a career based on holistic women’s health principles.


Are you interested in the Womb Medicine Intensive? Just let us know. We will contact you for a personal chat.

In a time in which we are experiencing a rising number of feminine health centred issues, it’s time to look deeper for holistic solutions. Many women do not realise how deeply our womb matrix affects our whole lives. Womb Medicine work is so powerful because we address the underlying causes of many issues modern women face today.  

Womb Medicine pathways can benefit women who are experiencing: 

  • Feminine Health issues such as endometriosis, PMS, dysmenorrhea (painful periods), amenorrhea (absence of menstruations) or infertility.
  • Abortions, miscarriages, stillbirths and other womb related grief and loss experiences.
  • Trauma and ancestral patterns.
  • Physical, emotional or spiritual pain related to feminine issues.
  • Disconnection from the Feminine.
  • Feeling alone, isolated, depressed, anxious or constant underlying sadness.
  • Feeling depleted, overworked, undernourished and frustrated.
  • Feeling a lack of libido and sexual fulfilment, or sexual health related issues.
  • Seeking a vision and direction in life.
  • Lack of joy and vitality, purpose and meaning. 


The Power of the Womb

We live in a time within which women all around the world are healing, awakening and reclaiming Feminine Power. We also live in a time within which, as a humanity, we are facing global crises at an existential level. And we have our own personal, deeply intimate, feminine journeys that are calling us awake through quiet whispers, tender aches or breathtaking pain, as we each walk our part of the journey that is interwoven with the collective. 

Reclaiming the untapped power of our womb spaces can provide the answers to some of our current challenges.

It is through the womb that humanity is born onto this planet. It is through the womb that we pass on ancestral power, medicine and pain. It is through the womb that we create healing and the potential for new life. It is in our womb that lies the creative power of our very own life path. However, all this power, all this medicine and all this underlying pain of the Feminine has often been ignored and forgotten.

Reclaiming the Feminine is more than just a weekend workshop or a book we read. It is a life-long path that we walk not alone but together with all the women on this planet and, really, with all humans at this time. In the healing of our womb spaces we hold the potential not only for our own healing, but for a collective, planetary evolutionary shift. The womb herself is calling us for healing at this pivotal time, with many women facing physical and emotional feminine-centred health issues. 

In the intensive training you receive tools and resources that will last a lifetime and can be developed and deepened in time. 

What you will learn

 Learn bodywork and body awareness tools especially for working with the womb and female reproductive system, including the ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix and vagina. 

 Discover powerful pathways for personal self-care and nourishing practices 

 Understand how to navigate in the territory of unconscious patterning in the womb space

 Learn basic body mapping skills to weave into your personal healing practice

 Deepen your awareness of trauma and how to work with trauma held in the body

 Integrate trauma awareness

 Integrate shamanic awareness for healing the womb 

 Menstrual, Menopause and Birth education that bring healing and change 

 Bring transformation to your own feminine lineage and understand ancestral patterning 

 Learn the introductory principles of Womb Care

Your Trainer: 

Founder of The Women School & Lead teacher of the Feminine Healer Training programme – Jaguar Star

Welcome to our Women School Feminine Healer Intensive – Womb Medicine. On these special days, we focus on the topic of womb healing, feminine embodiment, and womb care. Through my longstanding work with women in the feminine fields, this area of work has crystallized as of particular importance – for preventative care, health, wellbeing, but even more intensively for feminine empowerment and self-knowledge. Integrating shamanic and soul centred awareness with somatic practices and physiology understanding has proven to be a powerful path to healing and transformation for our womb spaces and feminine pain. 

Today we are being called to reclaim the womb space as sacred, to honor our female physiology and to be in contact with the inner personal realms of wisdom that our bodies carry to inform not only our physical wellbeing but our entire lives. Currently, many women experience feminine health issues, and the tools provided in this Training can represent an essential key towards holistic health education.

In our wombs we birth the next generation, as well as new levels of consciousness, and hold the potential for ancestral healing.

This course supports you to claim this knowledge within yourself, as well as training you to integrate the womb healing tools in your current professional practice with women – teaching these holistic health methods to your community. 

You may wish to participate in our further training programmes upon completion of the Intensive! 


Are you interested in the Womb Medicine Intensive? Just let us know. We will contact you for a personal chat.

“The Womb Medicine weekend with Jaguar was nourishing, deep, gentle, and exactly what I needed after a busy time.

It was a magical reconnection with my inner worlds – my intuition and wisdom.

I feel deep gratitude for having been part of a powerful, potent gathering with wise women who are walking their soul’s journey with courage and grace – shining a light on the feminine path.”

Kati Ludwig - Psychotherapist, Yoga Teacher and Coach


“Working with Jaguar in the realm of Feminine Healing has prepared me to support pregnant and birthing women as well as new mothers with a deeper sense of understanding of their emotions and needs.

Jaguar’s teachings have given me the ability to provide care with a heightened awareness and sensitivity for women’s vulnerabilities, possible past traumas, and challenges they face within modern society’s paradigm.

My training at the German Birth Association prepared me to support women’s emotional and physical needs before, during and after birth but Jaguar’s Feminine Healing Foundations (which included ritual building, understanding archetypes, creation of ceremonies, recognition of creative processes/cycles of decay and regeneration, facilitating journeys to the soul, aspects of women’s physical health, and understanding the language of the soul through artwork and movement) was absolutely essential for me to become a  woman’s holistic care provider.
Supporting women by providing a safe space for them to dive deeper into their souls’ needs, strengthening the communication with their inner voice and empowering them to make their own choices and find their own solutions has been made possible with Jaguar’s knowledge and teachings.
Thank You Jaguar!”

Laurie Reinke

Birth Doula, Postnatal Doula, Pelvic Floor specialist, AngelBirth Practitioner, https://birthinberlin.com/

“The Feminine Intensive weekend taught by Jaguar was both educational and practical whilst nourishing and mystical. Upon completion, I felt ignited, connected and clear.

On numerous occasions, we faced issues that my soul had been calling in to unify with. The mystery of the feminine is magic and through this course I drew closer to her. Much in man-driven society draws us away from the flow of feminine nourishment in subtle ways.

Through this course, we turn to a vital energy that calls for our attention at a crucial time on this Earth.”

Bracken Rainbow - Nanny and Energy Healer

For all potential participants: Application form and process, to make sure the programme is suitable for you.

At times we may ask you to meet in a brief online call if there are any questions from our side. Please get in touch with us if you have any further questions after reading our information here!

Achievement of the Womb Medicine Intensive:

Bring the Sacred back to womb health and support soul embodiment

Powerful ways to create healing spaces for the womb, vagina and female physiology

The Feminine Healer Womb Medicine Intensive was a deep dive into the world of bodywork, healing and rituals.
As usual, the perfect combination of guided imagery, meditations, practical work and healing work for ourselves was wonderful.
It is Jaguar’s gift to be a creative, open, loving teacher who creates such a relaxed and safe space, that it´s easy to go for things you’ve never practiced before.
In this atmosphere, nervousness transformed into calm space in which I felt encouraged to take some first steps into bodywork to connect soul and body in their healing processes.
I am already starting to integrate everything I’ve learned – from the online Feminine Healing Foundations Training and from the Womb Medicine Intensive – into my clinical work with women. Moreover, everything  I’ve learned is becoming part of daily life and the healing work for myself.
It was four days of deep ritual work for the feminine in this world and I highly recommend it to every woman working with women and/or girls.
I am deeply grateful having decided to go the path of the Feminine Healer with the Women School, it’s such wonderful, creative, rich and deep healing work!
Sian Petra Lang - Heilpraktikerin, Artist, Shamanic Practitioner, AngelBirth Practitioner and Qi-Gong Teacher


“The Feminine Healer Intensive was a soft, subtle and profound experience for me. I felt deeply nourished at various levels.

Connecting with other women to share such an authentic space, exploring aspects of the feminine in a way I hadn’t before, was truly eye-opening.

Jaguar holds the space with beautiful softness, clarity, lightness and compassion.”

Julia Neumann - Coach and former Lawyer

“Jaguar offers a safe, nourishing and truly inclusive space, both online and in-person, for women to explore their relationship to their feminine selves. 
The content for Feminine Healer Year One is extensive and challenges you to look deeply into your own stories and beliefs as they relate to feminine archetypal patterns and life pathways. You are immersed in body mapping and spiritual journeying, ritual and healing practices that feed the soul and ignite the feminine fire within – such an important aspect of the feminine that needs to be awakened in this time of turmoil on our beautiful planet! 
As someone who was already on my own journey with these topics and themes, it has been so valuable to have some gentle structure around my explorations and to help bring deeper meaning to my own questions and discoveries. It also provides a solid foundation for integrating these valuable tools into a professional context, so that I can offer more meaningful and holistic support for my clients. 
This has been such a rich and connected journey for me so far and I have come away with a deeper sense of reverence for this sacred work. 
Thank you Jaguar”
Laura Bylsma - Naturopath

Are you interested in the Womb Medicine Intensive? Just let us know. We will contact you for a personal chat.

This Training does not replace any form of medical or psychological education. None of the information provided in this Training makes any claims to cure any disease or mental health condition. This is an educational platform for personal and spiritual empowerment. The tools provided are resources that must be used under the supervision of a qualified health professional if any disease condition is present or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.