Womb Medicine


1 Septemner 2019

There is often such a lot of helplessness and powerlessness that we need to move through, as women, as humans to touch, claim and embody our true inner power.

I have found that so much of our pain as women comes from these old feminine wounds, the patterns of loss of power and a sense of helplessness that sometimes has been passed through so many generations.

A sense of lack. Lack at so many levels that we attempt to compensate in so many ways.

And that brings with it emptiness, tiredness, sadness, anger, even desperation and deep suffering.


There is so much human suffering and there is so much grief, pain and powerlessness that can come up.

I have found that one place we have forgotten to look collectively, that has been somewhat abandoned on the spiritual and psychological, physical and emotional quests for wholeness is our womb center.

And there is so much to discover here.

It is not a matter of weekend workshops or one experience so we can tick it off our to-do list.

Our womb spaces offer us treasures and wisdom for our everyday lives and can become alive resources for transcending pain and healing ancient wounds.

Our bodies, by embodying, can become medicine.

Our womb holds medicine, potent medicine for our pain.

Especially for our feminine wounds.

Those wounds that lead us into the trauma vortexes which brings with them darkness and disempowerment.

Leaking our vital life force and forgetting our true strength.

Forgetting the power of embodied love.

In the root of our body.

In our Womb Medicine Intensive, we encounter the medicine of the womb. We reclaim our inherent worthiness, and we learn how to access our embodied wisdom in a trauma-sensitive way.

These are pathways for our modern times.

For women who wish to take the next step, and to gather in resources that will serve you for a long time to come…

The next Womb Medicine Workshop is taking place in Berlin, September 9 -12.

You can register this week and still receive the Early Bird discounted offer! 

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